Product Photography


What does it cost?

This is a basic guide for costing pack shots and small product photography. Pack shot photography is priced per shot and is based on the number of items you have to shoot. Speciality items including fine jewellery or specific styling that requires longer to achieve, please contact us.


1 shot - £35

2-19 shots - £20.00

20-39 shot - £15.00

40 - 49 shots £10.00

50 -99 shots £8.00

100 + shots £ please contact for rate

All prices shown are per shot for single item. If a second or third item is added please add £5.00 per additional item.


Additional charges

Simple cutout £5.00 per shot to include clipping path if required (I.e. Object has six side or less, e.g mobile phone)

Complex cutout £8.00 per shot to include clipping path if required (I.e. Object has 7 or more sides e.g. Bicycle wheel)

Drop shadow or reflections £5.00 per shot

Garments or product prep £5.00 per shot

Custom Background £29.00

All items will be shot on clean white background, no original shadows will be visible. The price will include basic post production to include : colour space allocation, basic re- touching if required, images provided as Hi-res jpgs 300 dpi and web ready set 72dpi. Images will be provided on a transfer service for download. If you require a specific file type please discuss this with us first.

All product photography come with unlimited usage for UK licensing.